Who the Hell’s in Charge?

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blog11bImagine walking into a living room that is in total chaos. All sorts of people are shouting at the top of their lungs. Some are angry and aggressive, screaming profanities, and some are completely silent or withdrawn. Its madness! The music is blaring, food and objects are being thrown on the floor, people are jumping on the sofas, swinging from fans…and nobody seems to care. Sounds like a scene from Night at the Museum, right? Now imagine this is your mind, filled with every emotion possible.  What do you think would happen if an opportunity came knocking on a house with this kind of disorder? Your next job offer, great investment or the next big break? Would you even hear the doorbell ring?

In life, opportunity shows up when you least expect it. If you’re not listening or prepared to answer, your next step to fulfilling your dreams might just pass you by.

Our mind is a “Mosh Pit” of all sorts of stuff—happiness, grief, excitement, anger, depression and optimism.  Emotions can run wild just like the people in that living room. My question to you is: Who the hell is in charge?

With so much confusion hanging around, it’s hard to know exactly which emotion will answer that door. It might be anger, stress or how about the “not right now” frustrated guy, or gal? We have all been there. If your mind has a tendency to feel like that living room you’re not alone. Now, what can we do about it?

How about a new mantra: Like energy attracts like energy.

To align your emotions with your future opportunities, start with practice and patience.  It’s not an overnight process and will require you to listen. Try shortlisting the emotions that serve you and give you that good vibe feeling. Delegate them as the ones in charge of the front door. Examples would be: love, kindness, humility, patience, happiness and understanding. They’ll love you for assigning them the job, they enjoy a peaceful home. Then, send a couple to the backdoor just in case life throws you a curve ball; compassion and optimism will do just fine.

Now, let’s clean house! Turn off the music and one by one remove the freeloaders that have created this horrible mess. Frustration, loneliness, impatience and anger should defiantly get a kick in the butt on their way out.  Let them know that they did their job and now it’s time to go. Don’t worry, you’ll have to kick them out a few times before they get the message. As you commit to this process you’ll find your home to be quite cozy and calm. You’ll be confident that you can handle any situation that life may bring your way.

It’s time to let everyone know: you’re in charge.
Ruben Payan Jr.
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