When did we lose sight of our dreams?

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blog18I don’t know quite when it happens. There is a time when we believe in the magic and limitless potential of ourselves, that we can be Kings & Queens, Astronauts and, Explorers. Anything we choose. We laugh and play and dream of a future filled with possibilities.

I think perhaps it creeps up quietly. Not a single moment, but a series of moments where we decide that we’re grown. That it’s time to be serious and to stop daydreaming. Like a door being closed, slowly and quietly. When was the last time that you allowed yourself to dream? Was it yesterday? Last week? Last year? Or maybe it has been many years since you tapped into your own capacity for greatness?

Many people call for a life based on what is “real” and “practical”. But who is to say where the boundaries are? Without imagination, would Disney have built the happiest place on earth? Would man have walked on the moon? There is nothing tangible that exists today that didn’t begin as the glimmer of a wild idea.

Inspiration happens in a dream space, a place where anything is possible. The ultimate question to spark your creativity is “What if?”-

  • “What if I became a ______”
  • “What if I could ______”
  • What if things aren’t as they seem?”

And from that magical seed of possibility your idea begins to grow.

The pure essence of imagination is tapping into the power of our inner child. Bringing fun, play, spontaneity, creativity, presence, curiosity, and wonder. These are the qualities that guide us on our life journey and dictate the peaks of our success, the difficulty of our obstacles, and the distance to our horizon.

So dream big, dream often, and together we will inspire each other to even greater heights!
After all, what is creativity and imagination but a grown up way to say “Anything is possible”.




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