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Hello and welcome! This is just the first of many thoughts and messages I hope to share over the next year and a half. While I have spent time talking to individuals, groups and organizations about empowerment, and I have spent time working towards a personal goal to climb the world’s Seven Summits and K2, this is the first that I have consolidated those endeavors to create a community focused on honoring the POWERFUL HUMAN within.

As a young boy, I dreamt of the stars, spaceships and worlds beyond. Places where any and everything seemed possible, even super powers! My happy place. Older now, I still have a happy place. But instead of looking beyond, I look within – to find that moment in which imagination and reality collide. This place is infinite as space, limitless as time.

Shift your perception of self and what you deemed impossible is now attainable. Embrace a greater realm of possibility and you find you become more apt to celebrate it in others – bringing mankind closer to greater peace, greater prosperity and greater compassion.

This is what I hope to inspire here with K2 and the POWERFUL HUMAN Journey. I hope to help you create your happy place and together we can change the world.

Every now and then I still find myself gazing up at the stars, wondering if that spaceship will come. If it does, I’ll be the first on board. For it will be a clear sign that my mission on Earth is complete.

Ruben Payan Jr.

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