Vulnerability – Gateway to your Inner Strength

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blogmainAs human beings, we are sometimes embarrassed by our fear of shame, rejection, failure, loss or uncertainty. We build walls as defense against feeling inadequate or weak.  As a result, we disconnect from those we love and even lose sight of our dreams, pushing them further from becoming our reality. As unfulfilled years pass on, the craving for life and dreams becomes lost in a sea of “What if’s.”

What if I chose a different path?  What if I had taken that leap of faith? What if I weren’t so afraid of being afraid?  What would my life look like?

It’s important to remember that life isn’t about always looking for safety, the easy less-challenging path, the cheaper route. No, it’s about being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Being open to exposing your weaknesses, accepting them as a vital part of who you are and an opportunity to grow. Once we have accepted that there are holes in our armor and we can be vulnerable without feeling weak, we can freely walk  “naked” in our own skin. We can let go.

Embrace your vulnerability. Have the courage to be imperfect. Leave the comfort of the known and certain to experiment with the unknown and uncertain. You can never become who you are meant to be unless you let go of who you think you are. Reinvent yourself at will. The road to your inner power and success passes through the land of vulnerability. Cross that territory and you open the gates to your own Powerful Human. Do not run from the fire, learn that it was placed there to keep you warm.

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Ruben Payan Jr.

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