The POWERFUL HUMAN Double Infinity Symbol… More Than a Logo

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There is a place within each and every one of us that is life in full bloom. Do you know of it? It sits humbly at the intersection of the physical self and the soul self. Like a metronome regulating time, this place exacts balance between the physical world and the one we are a part of but cannot see. Sharp dual awareness often sways back and forth, ticking between the physical and the spiritual realms like a needle-pointed pendulum. But it is there in that quiet pause that the ultimate expression of life is realized. It is the present moment.

Living in this balance can be elusive and glimpses so fleeting that it begs the question, does it, in fact, actually exist? We can come to doubt ourselves and wonder if we experience this plane at all. We ask, are we so equilibrium challenged in these modern, technology-driven times that it is impossible to access this most authentic place? And because our focus is tripped up in the trappings of living in a world fueled by “likes” and “shares” on our social media outlets, are we, in our pursuits, only seeking quick thrills? What of those situations that act as a stimulant on our emotions, those that trigger our feel-good receptors and “make” us happy? What about our spiritual explorations that require us to journey inward, all but forgetting that we are a part of a physical world?

It is possible to hear your heartbeat echo in both planes at once. This fine balance is where humanness and consciousness collide and mutually thrive. In this place, your soul vibrates to the dancing of your bones. Your dreams rise up and make themselves known. In this place, your authentic self becomes fully formed and manifests as a force to be reckoned with. This glorious level of existence is brought to life by the POWERFUL HUMAN double infinity symbol, which honors all on the beautiful journey towards spiritual transcendence. It serves to acknowledge the moments that make up the journey – the breakdowns and the breakthroughs. It encompasses the physical that creates the present and the memories that define the past. It is the understanding that they co-exist to shape the now.

Any journey, whether it is physical or spiritual, requires courage and discipline. Often, the road seems crooked, with no end in sight. We don’t know how we will come out of such explorations or where they will lead us but we go into them with the intent to transform. To be better in this moment than we were in the last. The double infinity symbol honors this. Wearing, displaying or gifting the symbol means acknowledging the POWERFUL HUMAN path and the dedication it requires to stay the course. It recognizes a shift occurring and celebrates it. So many times we applaud the attainment of a goal without giving praise and credit to what it took to get there. Victory is in the entire process. It is embedded in the missteps and greets you at the wrong turns and sends you back the way you came. It is there when you fall and whispers to you to get back up again. It wraps around your sore muscles and aching spirit and says, “Well done. Let’s see what tomorrow has up its sleeve.” It sends you back into the ring, red cape flaring, to greet the charging bull that is the next phase of your evolution.

Such transformations are stunning testaments to the power of human potential. We reach in, soul deep and pull out sheer determination and will to manifest great change. We are built to withstand so much more than we think. You don’t believe me? Think about your own journey. Look to where you were yesterday. And the day before that. And the month before that. Think back to those moments you felt like giving up. Call to mind the fighter who swore to do the opposite. There are no limits to what you can become. You were built for this task. You come from love and love will help see you through. Believe that. Just as a physical climb can take you to the heights of K2 or Everest, so too can you reach the summit of your dreams. Come with me and we will climb our mountains together…

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