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blogmainPlaying small isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re still playing

Do you have a big goal that you would love to cross off your bucket list?

Well let me first give you a disclaimer: this is not an article about the million-and-one things you need to do or change to start making your dream a reality. Nope. This is an article about one thing, one itty, bitty small thing you need to do or change to start making your dream a reality.

Yep. Dream big, but keep it real and in perspective by starting small. Kick-start your personal journey with a TEA CUP GOAL.

What is a TEA CUP GOAL?

A TEA CUP GOAL is a mini experience, one you can handle without an overwhelming sense of fear or discouragement. Achieving a TEA CUP GOAL jolts you out of a rut, gives you confidence and sets you on the path to success for your bigger goal. It will put a smile on your face, will not emotionally tax you and most importantly, will equip you with the self-same tools you need for the BIG ‘UN.

The art of fulfilling a big dream happens through a natural process of patience and acceptance, no different than building a beach body for your summer vacation. Imagine if every workout involved in 16 weeks of training was a series of TEA CUP GOALS. If someone would have first written every single detail of what you needed to hear, speak, feel, learn, see and remember before you began your 16-week journey, you quite possibly would have been discouraged. Taking on each workout, meal and full night’s sleep as a TEA CUP GOAL is a better approach and easier way to accept the journey without feeling like you’re going to fail.

You hear about taking the plunge into the deep end first. Although this may work for some, it took me a few years to gather up enough courage to fly on my own. As I look back, I realize that every TEA CUP GOAL that I fulfilled was needed to prepare me for something bigger; experiences that I would have resisted earlier in my journey. Through continuous practice, I found a new way of approaching my objectives. I could always see the big mountain in the distance but realized that what needed to be experienced and learned was immediately in front of me, just one more step forward. Patience became my new best friend and soon, taking on that big mountain didn’t feel so overwhelming. I became a true believer in my own unique path – as well as pace – to progression.

So, you have a dream, mountain or something that calls to you? Don’t get discouraged or feel like you’re playing too small. Take a few deep breaths, look around and focus your energy on small steps; the ones that you can accomplish while maintaining a steady flow of good energy.

You may look back one day and realize that playing big is just a series of TEA CUP GOALS in disguise.

Happy dreaming and safe journeys,
Ruben Payan Jr.

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