• Learn. Laugh. Be inspired. Ruben is available to share stories and insights from his experiences as a wellness expert, successful entrepreneur and climber of the Seven Summits – including a harrowing near-death experience summiting Mt. Everest – as a catalyst for change, motivation and performance.

Do your organization and employees have what it takes to succeed?

Motivational speaker and wellness coach Ruben Payan works with individuals and groups of all sizes to develop and deliver one-on-one executive coaching, corporate wellness programs, retreats and lectures that support creative brainstorming, leadership development, increased productivity, employee retention, higher morale and team building.

Ruben has inspired countless people to achieve their maximum potential and to pursue their dreams and goals. Among the themes Ruben explores during his presentations and workshops:

  • What’s your K2? Discover your dreams and passion
  • Goal setting and how to scale a mountain down to size
  • Teamwork, finding power in numbers and working together
  • Discovering the strength to accept help from others
  • Perseverance and resilience in the “Death Zone”
  • Making a difference – in our communities, the environment and the world

Start with an assessment of your needs, followed by a dynamic, tailor-made program. Learn more today!


  • After experiencing Ruben's Powerful Human story, I plan to invite him to talk to my clients who are serious about performance. Teaching people about leadership effectiveness, employee engagement or innovation doesn't work until they understand what it means to be a Powerful Human. That's where Ruben's help is invaluable. In his authentic, caring way Ruben invites people to show up for life as a Powerful Human. Not only that, he shows you exactly how to do it. With stories we can all relate to as well as spectacular adventure stories told with mastery, Ruben reminds us of what's important in life. He shows us choices we can start making differently today in order to reclaim or revive the Powerful Humans we once were before work and life got on top of us. If you're really serious about improving your own performance, find a way to hear the Powerful Human story. If you're really serious about improving your company's performance, start training and hiring Powerful Humans. Either way, call Ruben now. You won't regret it.

    - Michael Ashley Wix, Global Organizational Development Consultant

  • Ruben's presentation to the full-time MBA class did a great job of getting them to focus on identifying their core values and to think about how to initiate – and stick with – important changes in their lives. Inspiring and thought-provoking.

    -Professor Bruce W. Stening, National School of Development, Peking University

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