As a guest in China and a citizen of the world, Ruben Payan feels strongly about giving back to the local community and investing in our future through initiatives that mentor and educate youth. He has made it a commitment to give his time to both of these causes.

Ruben frequently delivers engaging, motivational and enlightening talks for teens and youth using a combination of real-life stories and multimedia presentations. His plan to climb K2 in addition to his success scaling the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents, offers a powerful metaphor for goal-setting, perseverance and self-discovery, as well as fuels entertaining and insightful lessons learned along the way. Ruben’s natural gift as a speaker helps him to combine honesty and humor to bring home a relevant and positive message that resonates long after he’s left the room.

Please contact us for more information about booking Ruben to speak in front of your school, group or organization.


  • I learned that anything is possible!' replied a 7-year-old girl from my class. Another child, a boy, responded, 'The secret is kindness. When you're kind, people remember and if they see that you're in trouble they will come to help.'
    These 'life lessons' were taught to my Yr-2 class (Grade 1, 6-7 years old) during the motivational speech that Ruben Payan presented to our school during our study on explorers. He was invited to give a presentation on his expeditions as a mountain climber.
    Ruben spoke to the children with honesty, humor and respect. He carefully chose language, pictures and props that appealed to the audience, children ages 5-7. Amazingly, he never explicitly said to the children, 'Be kind, be brave, work hard, etc.' but through his presentation the children were able to grasp his underlying message – the importance of caring for yourself, for your environment and for the people in your life. His presentation inspired us all!

    -Rachael Katz, Yr 2 Teacher, Dulwich College, Beijing

  • Ruben never ceases to amaze me! When I first met Ruben three years ago, he was Ruben the trainer, a very muscular guy who I knew from a distance at the gym. As time passed, he became Ruben, the guy who climbs mountains, the BIG ONES; Ruben, the guy who writes poetry; Ruben the guy who invents sports equipment; and in conclusion, Ruben, the guy who is passionate about anything he does.
    Most recently, I had a chance to hear him present about his challenges climbing Mount Everest to some middle school students at an international school. Again, he amazed me with his ability to engage the children as well as clearly articulate key values in his presentation, such as courage, resilience, grace, compassion and perseverance. What I believe makes him such a great presenter is that what he speaks about comes from how he lives his life and what he has done with it. It is authentic and thus powerful!

    -Catherine Shu

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