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The most profound disconnect we’ve created in this information age is the process of unlearning our primal instinctive tool for discovering the world – the art of play! Our DNA contains an innate understanding of what it means to play and explore, and it is this instinct that has led … Read More»


When did we lose sight of our dreams?

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I don’t know quite when it happens. There is a time when we believe in the magic and limitless potential of ourselves, that we can be Kings & Queens, Astronauts and, Explorers. Anything we choose. We laugh and play and dream of a future filled with possibilities. I think perhaps … Read More»


Let your smile change the world

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Today we celebrate the accomplishments of Powerful Human Luca, “Lazylegz” Patuelli. You may have seen Luca’s dance feats when he wow’ed global television audiences on Ellen DeGeneres a few years back. From his Ellen appearance, to his performance at the Vancouver Paralympic Opening Ceremonies to his founding of the ILL-Abilities dance team, … Read More»


Infinite Bond – Poetry

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As spirits intertwine Beneath the sky of darkness full We’re reminded of all the time spent lost With glimpses of hope, so cruel Blinded staring sunlight beams Through our hearts, we both shall shine Chills of cold our blood stays froze We’ll stand the test of time Path chosen wisely … Read More»


10 Affirmations to Keep You Climbing

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Inevitably, somewhere, at some time, you will find yourself at a major fork in the road. Faced with a big choice that will impact not only yourself but those closest to you. You are in a period of transition where you are faced with choices – none of which are … Read More»



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Playing small isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re still playing Do you have a big goal that you would love to cross off your bucket list? Well let me first give you a disclaimer: this is not an article about the million-and-one things you need to do or … Read More»


Are You Successful? – Part 1

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How do you know when you’ve reached that imaginary, make-believe status called “success” that we work so hard to achieve? Well, you may already be there now. Our culture may define success as reaching certain professional and financial milestones, but true success is something much more simple yet rewarding: You … Read More»


Who the Hell’s in Charge?

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Imagine walking into a living room that is in total chaos. All sorts of people are shouting at the top of their lungs. Some are angry and aggressive, screaming profanities, and some are completely silent or withdrawn. Its madness! The music is blaring, food and objects are being thrown on … Read More»


WHERE’S RUBEN? Inspiring the Next Generation

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What is it like to depend on other people? What is it like to follow your dreams? On Oct. 6, Ruben guided 3rd through 6th graders from the Montessori School of Beijing through an unforgettable journey of discovery. Eighty students joined his “Kids ‘Climb” Everest Workshop” to learn firsthand about … Read More»


Vulnerability – Gateway to your Inner Strength

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As human beings, we are sometimes embarrassed by our fear of shame, rejection, failure, loss or uncertainty. We build walls as defense against feeling inadequate or weak.  As a result, we disconnect from those we love and even lose sight of our dreams, pushing them further from becoming our reality. … Read More»



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Now available for a limited time only! Hurry and get yours while they last. Limited edition POWERFUL HUMAN tee-shirts allow you to show solidarity with Ruben’s spring 2016 K2 Climb for Humanity, up the “Savage Mountain.” Men’s and women’s styles in basic black include POWERFUL HUMAN across the front, while … Read More»


Powerful Human History #2

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Immediately after summiting Mt. Humphreys and saying goodbye to our chipmunk friends, we sensed we had a special journey ahead. It came to me that climbing big, or the biggest mountains, was in my destiny. I was so filled with this spiritual calling there was no room to not take … Read More»

Powerful Human - Our History

Powerful Human – Our History

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On July 9, 2006 we stood on Mt. Humprey, the highest point in Arizona. As we soaked up the view, two little chipmunks appeared from the rocks. Definitely a surprise since there was no vegetation on the top of this peak. As I approached, I wondered: how awesome would it … Read More»



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I have a confession. After all the mountains I have climbed and the obstacles I have overcome, I am still deathly afraid of failing. The big “f” word – failure – has to be the most painful part of any journey. Where dreams diminish, money is lost and relationships are … Read More»

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Fully Charged

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So you got a big idea, huh? Well it’s time to start thinking about how this idea is going to come to life. Let’s look at your base of support.? You know, your people – those who provide you with energy, ideas and motivation on your path to greatness. They … Read More»


Welcome from Ruben

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Welcome to POWERFUL HUMAN! Hello and welcome! This is just the first of many thoughts and messages I hope to share over the next year and a half. While I have spent time talking to individuals, groups and organizations about empowerment, and I have spent time working towards a personal … Read More»

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Embrace Your Journey

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We’ve all been there. We set out for a goal. Perhaps it’s a race, an ideal weight, a spiritual transformation or an educational pursuit.  We name our desires and commit. We buy new running shoes or a book on weight loss. We explore different philosophies or apply to that university. … Read More»

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The Nepal Question – Time to Give Up?

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I would like to send my prayers to the millions of people that were affected by the recent earthquake and resulting devastation in Nepal – including an avalanche at the Mt. Everest base camp that caused seventeen fatalities.  This has prompted a lot of people to ask if I am … Read More»


CONQUERING K2 – Is Not for the Lighthearted

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“Taking on the big stuff is definitely not for the faint hearted. But if you dare, your life will never be the same.” From the head of the Baltoro Glacier on the wild border between Pakistan and China rises the most unforgiving and terrifying peak in the world. It stands … Read More»

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The POWERFUL HUMAN Double Infinity Symbol… More Than a Logo

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There is a place within each and every one of us that is life in full bloom. Do you know of it? It sits humbly at the intersection of the physical self and the soul self. Like a metronome regulating time, this place exacts balance between the physical world and … Read More»

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