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Powerful Human StoryOn July 9, 2006 we stood on Mt. Humprey, the highest point in Arizona. As we soaked up the view, two little chipmunks appeared from the rocks.

Definitely a surprise since there was no vegetation on the top of this peak. As I approached, I wondered: how awesome would it be if one of these little guys would actually let me feed him?

IMG_2239What made this even more special is that earlier that morning, Cami had mentioned feeding chipmunks at her grandparent’s cabin as a child. Something I had never experienced. Could this possibly be my chance? Was I really going to be able to hand feed chipmunks, while sitting on the top of this mountain? I put out my hand and to my surprise this little guy was extremely friendly. So friendly, he jumped on my shoe and we shared a moment that I will never forget. Nature Rocks!


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