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I have a confession. After all the mountains I have climbed and the obstacles I have overcome, I am still deathly afraid of failing. The big “f” word – failure – has to be the most painful part of any journey. Where dreams diminish, money is lost and relationships are destroyed. And more often than not, someone’s positive view on life gets rewritten, putting their happiness at risk to be lost forever.

But despite the prospect of all this unhappiness – in fact, perhaps BECAUSE of it – it is absolutely essential we don’t let the fear of failure cripple us from reaching for our dreams. We must become familiar with tang of trepidation, be able to step onto the path of the unknown and sometimes, put ourselves at the mercy of nothing more substantial than fate.

But how?

Because let’s face it, going through failure is never fun, it sucks! So let me be honest here, it’s not so much I’ve learned to embrace my fear of failure as opposed to having mastered the art of accepting it. Not because it’s enjoyable, but because those moments have acted as beacons, showing me what works and what doesn’t. Failure has made me a better person.

Can you see failure as a gateway to a stronger more powerful you?

Consider that failure might act as the building block for your true calling and serve to make you more enlightened. Failure enables us to deepen our connection with one another, testing our human will and perseverance. Don’t all great movies require a bit of drama to keep us engaged? Our personal movie is no different. Failure challenges us to ask the hard question: how badly do you really want it? And do you know what your it, is?

Think for a moment. What are the failures you have experienced that are difficult to accept? Are there any moments that you reflect on with a grimace and a shake of the head?

I want to propose something to you. I want to propose a shift in perception. What if you saw those setbacks as set forwards? Defining moments that you can strip of emotion and see logically for what they really were – events that propelled you to where you are today, to stand stronger and better. Can you do that? Can you see that the universe is working on your behalf? Can you see that with great chaos comes great and necessary transformation?

Honor your path. Honor your past. Just don’t let it play on you negatively. Don’t buy into the illusion that YOU are the failure. Embrace it. Breathe it in, own it and then let it go. Take the knowledge and be grateful for the gift. Climb your mountains undaunted, undefeated. You have more grit and tenacity than you’ll ever know. You’ll see. And when you do you’ll accept whatever life throws your way.

Now take the “f” word and use it with abandon. Because it doesn’t own you, you own it. Beast tamed.

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