In Spring 2016, Ruben Payan will take on his biggest challenge yet, completing a dream that has taken him to the Seven
Summits and beyond. Ruben will attempt the world’s most dangerous and technically challenging climb. He will set his sights on K2. As the world’s second-highest mountain, extreme conditions and unpredictable weather have earned K2 its deadly reputation. Only the most experienced alpinists even make the attempt, and one in four don’t make it back alive.

With each step of his journey, Ruben has been fortunate to have the blessings of countless supporters. From the Sherpa who saved his life when he was crippled with (*) wind blindness on Mt. Everest in 2013; to the friends who signed the banners he brought to the top of each climb; to those who have
listened, captivated as he’s shared his story and message of empowerment. Ruben has inspired and been inspired by many.

Take the first step toward reaching the ultimate summit.
Help live a dream – and discover your own in the process.

Be part of Ruben's upcoming climb!


  • Sponsor a piece of history on very banner that Ruben will fly on K2.
  • DONATE via an individual donation and take a stake in his expedition's success.
  • Join the POWERFUL HUMAN community and follow each step of Ruben's progress.
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