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30633-20150502The most profound disconnect we’ve created in this information age is the process of unlearning our primal instinctive tool for discovering the world – the art of play!

Our DNA contains an innate understanding of what it means to play and explore, and it is this instinct that has led to the incredible diversity and adaptability of our species. At our core we are explorers, creators, and innovators.

I believe that it is because we have learned to suppress our natural curiosity and playfulness that many of us feel trapped in a system that we can’t escape. The incredible gift in this awareness is that there is nothing you need to do or say, you already know how connect to your childlike wonder and delight in each and every moment.

Perhaps it has been a while for you, I know there are times that I have suppressed my playful spirit. I have been distracted by things I thought were more important. But you know what? It is during those times of all work and no play that I have lost sight of my true purpose, and in those times that I felt weighed down by the heaviness of my own expectations.

Our natural state is to feel joyful and to collaborate with others. To discover and experience deep wonder at the majesty and magic of our world. To harness the power of youth to fortify our spirit as we climb our mountains.

I invite you to take a moment to reconnect to that mischievous child within, to close your eyes and go to a time you remember when were wholly playing. Where were you? What could you see? Who was there? How did it sound? Was there a smell? A taste? How did it feel to be present in that moment? Notice where you feel that in your body. And lock the feeling in.

It’s time to ignite your powerful inner child, and so I’m putting out the call to action to harness the power of PLAY. Let’s realize that we are all playing this wild, glorious, beautiful game called life, and that we are playing it together. Let us flow together within the matrix of our days whilst we simultaneously explore the realms of playful energy.

And when you hear the call -“It’s a magnificent day! Won’t you come and play?”- put down your tools, and come join us!

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