Infinite Bond – Poetry

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As spirits intertwine
Beneath the sky of darkness full
We’re reminded of all the time spent lost
With glimpses of hope, so cruel

Blinded staring sunlight beams
Through our hearts, we both shall shine
Chills of cold our blood stays froze
We’ll stand the test of time

Path chosen wisely as we speak truth
Clouds embraced our dreams created
To the cosmos, energy sparked by love, two minds
Both stood patiently and waited

Reside one’s heart to infinity
Eyes closed I know your there
Scent captured in dreams we uncovered
A waterfall from sky removes our tears

Lingering memories, intentions dreamed
Visions magnify of golden rings
Holding hands, interlocking kisses
Melodies of high notes we sing

Pinch me and I refuse to wake
With me at peace my breath moves slow
The world our playground, watch us swing
Sailing away, counting colors of rainbow

Sunsets empowering our every wish
Edge of earth, cradles boat we steer
Love sends wave, crash to shore
Lighthouse built to remove internal fear

Patience be the path set forth
Map of unknown, treasures hidden, we uncover
Till the next land appears for the exploring of spirits
Each day brings new life in this world, we discovered

-Ruben Payan Jr.

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