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So you got a big idea, huh? Well it’s time to start thinking about how this idea is going to come to life. Let’s look at your base of support.? You know, your people – those who provide you with energy, ideas and motivation on your path to greatness. They are your “battery pack,” : the community of people who are as committed to your success on your POWERFUL HUMAN journey as you are committed to theirs. They are the individuals you seek support from, whom you heap questions upon and solicit advice from. They champion you, rally you and speak truth to you.

Do you know who’s in your battery pack?

articalsWhat if I told you what you give to others is just as vital and powerful as what you get in return? That instead of sitting at the receiving end of lots of great ideas and good intentions your strongest position includes equal amounts of give and take. When you give as good as you get; love, energy, ideas and positive actions are exponentially multiplied. When you’re fully engaged, your potential as a POWERFUL HUMAN is being fully realized.

These moments are a part of the human experience, growing in spirit and truth. There is great beauty in the humility and vulnerability of asking for help, as well as being the rock for others in a time of need. Become a strong current of energy! We’ve all gone through moments of doubt and discouragement. It feels better to flow through these low times knowing that you were never alone. Creating your dream team also requires seeing the members of your battery pack as more than their given titles – more than mom, sister, friend, and colleague – being fully open to their experiences, their gifts. When we see the people around us as POWERFUL HUMANS reaching for their own destinies, we see the pursuit of our goals reflected in theirs. In our interconnectedness we are a piece of a bigger landscape, each part fitting together perfectly to create harmony. In doing all we can to lift up those around us, we ensure our success as a community, as a planet, as a world. So many great advances can be made when individuals create together.

A battery pack requires strong members who do their best to show up fully charged. Although not everyone may be operating at full capacity all of the time, the majority is needed to carry a charge at any given moment, to keep the collective spark alive. Take a look at your individual battery. Who or what in your life inspires you? Is it your children, family or maybe a hobby? How are you giving back to the community that supports you? Do you find moments, days, weeks where you feel depleted and require replenishing? Is there someone in your pack that always seems to lift you up? Do you gift the same positive vibes in return?

What are you dreaming of as you gaze out onto your tomorrow? Does it speak to you from a deeper place within? Realizing a calling takes more than imagining the actual attainment of the experience. It’s not enough to daydream and say, “it would be lovely if I…” It’s a start, but the journey, every bit of it, must be felt. When we create feelings and emotions around our desires, we are opening the door for creation to arrive. Add a resolve to “take action” and there is no limit to what is possible.

So go far with your imagination. Begin today by acknowledging,; respecting and consciously connecting to the power that surrounds you. A simple phone call of appreciation is a beautiful  first step in building your POWERFUL HUMAN battery pack.

Get charged! Stay charged! Live empowered!

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