Embrace Your Journey

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We’ve all been there. We set out for a goal. Perhaps it’s a race, an ideal weight, a spiritual transformation or an educational pursuit.  We name our desires and commit. We buy new running shoes or a book on weight loss. We explore different philosophies or apply to that university. We enthusiastically attack our goal.  We set our intentions and begin the metamorphosis. We pound out miles, we eat healthier and we begin riding a wave of positive energy. We feel great! We are energized in the pursuit of something bigger until we run head on into an inevitable wall – a towering, smooth, foothold-less expanse that seems insurmountable.
The division between where we are and where we want to be manifests itself as judgement, self-doubt and insecurity. We take a look at ourselves and don’t like what we see.

What happened?

Sometimes choices in life require a leap of faith. Faith in self and the universe – that all will be provided for on our journey. That we have at our ready an arsenal of tools as we navigate the temperamental waters of existence.

Sustaining this faith isn’t always easy. There are times when self-criticism reaches in and seizes our ambition. It chokes it, cutting off its air supply to keep us under its thumb. There are those moments when we just can’t quite get to that internal place of peace and truth. We tell ourselves we can’t do it. That we do not deserve the great transformation we so desperately seek. We self-sabotage the plan because it’s safe, a familiar path. Guilt swirls around the lies our fearful self tells us. We feel a twinge of sadness or remorse for thinking these limiting thoughts and to an extent, indulging them with attention.

You may not know what you are in service to as you parcel out emotions, thoughts and reactions as they confront you on your winding path to greatness. If it doesn’t feel good, chances are it isn’t. This is all right. This is part of the process. In these moments of doubt and fear, we must do our best to forgive ourselves for these mental roadblocks and do the work necessary to remove them. We are all subject to damaging belief systems, either self-inflicted or the results of a bad past experience, but we are not beholden to them. It’s fitting that we should embrace them, feel gratitude for their presence before we send them packing. Transform that negative energy into the fuel that empowers your journey. Get back on that wave!

We can do this by honoring ourselves and claiming back our POWERFUL HUMAN. [ To completely love who we are – mind, body and spirit – is a courageous act and one of the most important undertakings we can assign. This lesson is especially important to hold onto during our trials. It is how we react that determines if we grow or not.  Instead of beating ourselves up for giving into these traps, what if we loved ourselves for them instead? How much more quickly could we dust ourselves off before continuing on our way?

Both forgiveness and gratitude are powerful instruments that can radically change your view of yourself and of the world around you.

Accepting the negative brings with it an appreciation for the fight at hand. Give yourself permission to have those bad days but resist it becoming your way of living. In time you will rise above them and acknowledge your true essence. Extract wisdom from your past successes, whether big or small, and anything you seek can be attained. Create a reminder, a mantra, a new way of being that counters the passing clouds of doubt and insecurity. “I AM A POWERFUL HUMAN,” is always a keeper! Give yourself whatever you need to see your way through those trying moments with grace and fortitude.

You are honored for who you are and who you set out to become. The power of transformation, of greatness lives inside us all. Love for self is your default setting. Approach all: your goals, your life, your existence with this centered awareness and all will be open to you. Be aware of your patterns.  Play the game not only as the team’s All Star, but as the coach, fans and owner.

Life’s a gift worth fighting for!

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