Are You Successful? – Part 1

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blog-finalHow do you know when you’ve reached that imaginary, make-believe status called “success” that we work so hard to achieve? Well, you may already be there now. Our culture may define success as reaching certain professional and financial milestones, but true success is something much more simple yet rewarding:

  • You no longer compare your life to other people and trust in your own unique journey you are creating.
  • Your job is your passion or you have found a creative way to incorporate your passion into your life on a regular basis.
  • You no longer have to purchase something to feel a sense of self-worth or empowerment. You buy it for the fun, playful experience and if it’s gone tomorrow you’re grateful for the memory. It never defined who you are.
  •  You find yourself wanting to achieve financial success so that you can help others along their path. You realize the more you give, the more you are rewarded with life changing moments. And remember that helping others doesn’t require a lot of money.
  • You no longer use “not enough money” or “not enough time” as excuses for why you’re not fulfilling your goals. You are strategic, patient, focused and not afraid to ask others for guidance.
  • You view life experiences and memories as a form of “currency”; trying to gather as many of them as possible before you die and sharing your stories along the way. Be determined to die wealthy!
  •  You feel an overwhelming sense of joy when you witness others fulfilling their biggest and wildest dreams. It motivate you to keep playing bigger and the thought of quitting becomes less and less of a possibility.
  • You no longer view your failures as setbacks but as learning lessons that were needed to open others doors to the next phase in your life. You accept that it was all part of the plan.
  •  You view vulnerability as a place of strength and empowerment not embarrassment or weakness. Being vulnerable does not mean you are less powerful.
  • You are not afraid to voice your point of view especially if it comes from an experience you had in your own life. If you experienced it, it must be the truth, your truth. But don’t expect everyone to agree with you.
  •  You allow yourself to go through the negative emotions that life brings but can eventually “let it go” and fall back into a peaceful default mode. You can be angry, just don’t be an angry person.
  • You accept others for where they are at in their own life, not getting frustrated because they’re not where YOU think they should be.
  • You’ve found a way to take the most painful memory from your past and transform it into a driving force for good in your life today.
  • You surround yourself with others that love, respect and appreciate who you are and what you stand for. They may not always agree but that’s why you love them.

Ruben Payan Jr.

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