10 Affirmations to Keep You Climbing

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blog14-1Inevitably, somewhere, at some time, you will find yourself at a major fork in the road. Faced with a big choice that will impact not only yourself but those closest to you. You are in a period of transition where you are faced with choices – none of which are wrong but it doesn’t always feel that way.

This is part of your destiny and you can feel it. There’s no going around it. There’s no way but up.

We have all been faced with obstacles and challenges in life.  Any major decision that requires us to go deeper within, take a leap of faith or face a fear that has been holding us back, is called a mountain. Right now in your life what does yours look like? Is it a relationship, career move or major commitment? Is it health or family related?

During the stressful times in our life journey we sometimes find ourselves being quite predictable in our reaction. Some need solitude and time to process the situation. Others might give a good yell mixed with a stringed chorus of profanities. Or are you a belly-full-of-empty-carbs kind of explorer? How about calling your trusted buddy that can hold the mitts, and allow you to repeatedly beat on them without taking it personal? Now that’s a true friend.

Now that you’ve got it out and the pressure cooker is temporally out of service, I’d like to share some of the personal affirmations that I use during those critical moments. I invite you implement them into your own personal path.

Climb with Intent! 

  • “I am a Powerful Human. There is no mountain in life I can’t conquer.”
  • “I will not allow unwanted emotions to disrupt my positive flow.”
  • “I’ve been preparing for this mountain my whole life. I am ready.”
  • “I am right where I’m supposed to be. Regardless of the situation, there are no coincidences.”
  • “I’m never alone, the universe has my back.”
  • “My intuition is part who I am. I will trust in the process and watch for the signs.”
  • “Failure is nothing more than an illusion. This is just part of my story.”
  • “I channel all my fear into crystal-like clarity.”
  • “I’ll know why I did it once it’s all over.”
  • “Right now, all I control is my next step.”

Feeling better and more directed already? Well, alright then! The time has come to stand up, grab your gear, face your mountain and climb.

Ruben Payan Jr.


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